An edible forest for foraging insects

Join the contemporary quest of the Knights of Astrée!

An Original and Useful Gift Idea

Creation of a green estate

Become Chevaliers de l’Astrée and let’s come together in the creation of a green estate that blooms from February to October to offer our guests, pollinating insects, shelter and food. To participate, simply choose between the possible sponsorship formulas.

How to be involved?

Missive Express

A last-minute gift

for 9,90 €
Our digital pack offers you the possibility to sponsor the life of the edible forest. Surprise your loved one with a French poem adapted to the occasion, his knight’s coat of arms and other surprises to download!


A bold gift that nature will give you over time

For 34,90 €

Join the Knights Chevaliers de l’Astrée by sponsoring one of the edible forest’s guilds. Receive your pack, come and enjoy the fruits of the estate.


Offer a safe haven to the forest residents

For 60 €
Become a Knight with the Chevaliers de l’Astrée by sponsoring one of the habitat boxes for the edible forest’s fauna. The doors of the domain will be open to you for picking at the reception of your pack.

Almond blossom

Laird, Lord & Lady

Love Scotland?

for 75,00 €

Join les chevaliers de l’Astrée by sponsoring one of the guilds of the Edible Forest of La Roche Posay. Also, choose to call yourself Lord or Lady by purchasing a souvenir plot in Scotland.


The roots of tomorrow

from €175.00

As a symbol of a lasting commitment, become a Chevalier de l’Astrée by adopting or sponsoring a tree. Come and eat its fruits in season and receive a box of local products with other surprises.

Almond blossom

Don & Doña

Roots also in Spain

from € 250.00

Why not be a Knight of the Astrée and Don? Adopt or sponsor a tree at La Roche Posay, come and bite its fruit in the coming season! Participate in the almond harvest in Spain, discover what nature offers you.

Protecting foraging insects

At the origin of our project, the observation of the gradual disappearance of wild
foraging insects
. The increasing use of pesticides associated with the rise of monoculture has considerably reduced the biodiversity of our rural ecosystems. To promote the return of this diversity, we created the Domaine des Chevaliers d’Astrée. Our project is to collectively promote the establishment of forest gardens, a true oasis of biodiversity, both refuge and food forest for pollinating insects. The first project took place on an estate of 1.7 hectares near La Roche Posay in the Vienne. Other areas will follow in France and Spain.

What is a food forest?

A food forest, also called edible forest or forest garden is traditionally a set of fruit trees, berry shrubs, aromatic plants, lianas and mushrooms. It’s a forest that can be eaten!

An ideal inn to feast, pollinating insects and humans together in harmony.

The world of insects in numbers


European insects have disappeared in the last thirty years

of our food needs insects pollinator


of cultivated plants depend on pollination by insects


of wetlands have disappeared in France in 100 years


of wild pollinator species are in danger of extinction

Declining biodiversity

The majority of pollinating insects do not produce honey but fertilize almost all flowering plants.
In the Scottish Highlands, a pesticide-free region but poor in plant biodiversity, pollinating insects are also disappearing.
In the French countryside, monoculture weakens the immune system of insects and contributes to their disappearance.

The quest of the Chevaliers de l’Astrée: to create a shelter for pollinating insects by setting up an edible forest.

Les chevaliers de l’Astrée

Collaborative project open to everyone

Creating a haven for wild pollinating insects

Respect of the biodiversity

Repos Floral

Offer an ethical gift that supports sustainable development

Join a great human and ecological adventure and participate in a collective sustainable development project. Sponsor a tree, insect shelter or one of our forest guilds. Discover our sponsorship formulas, original ecological gifts that work for the preservation of the environment. They will allow you to access the estate, enjoy the fruits of the picking, receive a box of regional sweets or other surprises …

The Knights’ Challenge

Oyez Oyez!
Welcome to the Knights community.
Are you ready for our challenge
And to make nature your friend?
Put on your defender armor,
This will be your task:
Observe life with kind eyes
And so prove your valiance;
For the benefit of wild pollinators,
That which will bring happiness.
Be crazy,
Surprise us!
We are waiting for your pictures and/or testimonials.