The mandala garden, “It’s an extraordinary garden, there are ducks who speak English… “As Charles Trenet sang, will become a plant “sanctuary” judiciously mixing aromatic, dye, medicinal, vegetable and floral. It will provide well-being to the one who approaches it. It will be educational by its varietal diversity, it will be sensory, it will be instructive about the use of permaculture and its benefits to biodiversity. It will be a joy for the Knights of the Astrée: their first mandala garden in permanent connection with the 4 natural elements that are water, air, fire and earth, and the spiritual Ether, the culmination of a mandala.


The place of implantation, the diameter of the mandala garden must be carefully thought out. The use of geobiology (knowledge of the environment) is practically essential to achieve this under good conditions. It takes time, patience, an ever-present human dynamic, perspiration, special tools depending on the progress of the work, financial means and, it can be very useful, thrifty inventive minds! The same ones who will draw from nature tricks to create plant barriers or bridges to access this place.


Soon birth of a nerve center of the domain: it is he who will raise the most awareness of the seasons because it will be composed of countless species, it is there that nature will express itself every day in capricious or cornucopia, it is there that the harmony between plants will reveal itself or not. Do not forget that this rounded garden represents above all the symbolism of the universe. It is he who will focus the attention of learned and beginner gardeners, as well as ordinary people who wish to learn about the life of this garden and educate themselves on biodiversity, or the youngest, curious about the natural spectacle offered to their eyes. And all these curists, whose body and mind need serenity and who will come from La Roche-Posay to recharge their batteries in contact with this plant circle of the Chevaliers de l’Astrée, we are already talking about it between 2 sessions of thermalism.


Evocation of the 5 elements to conclude. The mandala garden near the freshly cured pond of the Chevaliers de l’Astrée, already has its source of water vital to its development. For the symbolism of air! Nothing like planting grasses like perennial cosmos, they will accompany the slightest breath of the wind and indicate its direction. Essential to the growth of life, the sun is a perfect fire and to represent it, it seems that the sunflower high on leg would look great in this garden. And here is the earth, flexible, generous and fragrant, that earthworms will stir daily, a land not worked by man that will give the best of itself. And that’s it, it’s done, your mind wanders and already applies itself to put touches of color in this garden. It inspires you, it makes you happy, it has just brought you this strong link with nature, it connects you to it. You have just taken a spiritual breath of the 5th element Ether.