Creating a teepee for your garden or balcony is easy and will make you spend a great afternoon with your family. The idea is to build the frame of the tipi and then vegetate its walls by growing plants, for example row beans that can be sown from May.

Play place for children, original addition to your vegetable garden, it has everything good!




  • Bamboo for the structure – To give you an idea, we used 7 bamboos of 3.50 m long.
  • Thinner bamboos or branches for rungs that will help your plants hang on.
  • Stones – If you don’t have them in your garden, you can find them in garden centers.
  • Twine – hemp, cotton, linen, jute…
  • of the land
  • Seeds – We chose row beans to enjoy our tipi twice: pretty + delicious! And they grow very fast.
  • possibly a small fine mesh to prevent your animals from trampling the young shoots (yes yes, it’s lived …)



Here we go!


Choose the location according to the type of plants you want to grow on your teepee. Beans love the sun and being sheltered from the wind.

Place the stones in a circle. To make it regular, you can use a branch and a string.

Dig holes in the location of bamboos with an iron bar for example. Plant the bamboos and tie them together with string. With our 3.50 m bamboos, we got into it with three and needed a stepladder.

Leave a space to serve as a door.

Cut out thin pieces of bamboo or branches to create rungs that will help your plants climb.

Distribute soil at the feet of the bamboos where you will sow your seeds. If you have enough soil, fill the circle, otherwise use chips for the inside.

Sow the seeds. If you opt for beans, do not push the seeds too deep because as they say, ‘the bean likes to see the gardener go!’

Water well.

Wait for it to grow!

A few weeks later…