Floral rest

Back to nature for your pet.

During his life by your side, your pet has brought you happiness, love, fidelity, complicity… The list is long.

You have made the decision to find a last resting place for him or her.

A preserved, protected place is ready to welcome it.

On the edge of the edible forest, in the shade of the trees, there is this peaceful place.

We suggest you bury for you the ashes of your pet, with seeds of wild flowers.
For ashes to reborn life.

You can give us his name, a date, a sentence… which we will then write on a pebble. Over the years, all these beautiful memories will form a wall.

How do I do that?

We send you a container, which already contains seeds. You place all or part of your pet’s ashes there before returning it to us. We bury the bag and its contents. Flowers grow. The cycle of life goes on.