A generous gift

Our hospitality package offers you to sponsor a habitat for wildlife and join the sponsors of an edible forest guild. Surprise a loved one with his knighthood and other surprises!

Pack content:

  • 1 photo of the refuge (bird nest box, squirrel shelter, hedgehogs or bats, insect hotel, ladybugs...)
  • 1 2-year sponsorship certificate with habitat and sponsored guild location
  • possibility of being called Knight, Chevaleresse, Dame Chevalier de l'Astrée for life
  • lifetime permission to use the coat of arms of the Knights of Astrée
  • sticker, page mark, sticker, seeded paper, flexible backpack, all in an elegant back!
  • 1 medieval story in 10 digital episodes - 1 email per day, start on the date of your choice: For 10 days, experience the adventure of Germain in the time of the Knights and discover the origin of certain expressions of the French language. If your gift is for a child, a tale will delight them.
  • 1 code of participation in the draw for the annual harvest of apples and nuts at the traditional orchard of Eguzon for 2 years.
  • visiting and picking rights on the edible forest for 2 years.
  • 1 surprise in the mailbox on the anniversary of your sponsorship for 2 years (i.e. 2 gifts!)
  • renewable sponsorship at preferential rates.

We need some information

Some more information to receive medieval adventures (in French)

Join the quest of the Knights of Astrée.

Your participation allows you to take care of the nascent edible forest and its inhabitants, to establish and maintain new habitats for wildlife, to make new plantations and to develop educational spaces.

By choosing this pack, you have access to part of the sponsored guild’s plant production once a year for two renewable years. You can also visit the edible forest whenever you want and maybe surprise your little tenants! We also suggest that you call yourself a Knight, Lady Knight or Chevaleresse de l’Astrée and use our coat of arms for life!

What is a guild?

It is a delimited companion plant space that contains 3 layers of plants (ground covers, bushes, trees) that help each other. sets of flowers that grow together, composed of a major plant surrounded by its allies, often a tree, a vine, shrubs or herbaceous plants.
For example, GUILDE 1 of the edible forest:
Strate 1: Moroccan mint, our lady’s coats,
Strate 2: blueberries, red currants, Jerusalem artichokes
Strate 3: khaki and its vine

It is also a great gift idea for all nature lovers, weddings, births, baptisms… It is by being much to make a small gesture for the environment that we make the difference!

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