Laird, Lord & Lady d’Alba


Roots in two countries

Let’s recreate this strong bond that exists between the France and Scotland called the Auld Alliance: This pack offers you the opportunity to have one foot in Scotland and one in France!

Our Lord & Lady d’Alba pack offers you to join the sponsors of a guild of the edible forest of La Roche Posay as well as to own a souvenir plot of land in Scotland. Surprise the beneficiary with his file, nice trips in perspective!

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Pack content:

Become a Knight, Dame Knight, Chivaloress of the Astrée by helping the nascent edible forest located at Roche Posay:

  • 1 certificate for a 5 year sponsorship of one guild of the edible forest
  • possibility of being called Chevalier, Chevaleresse, Dame Chevalier de l’Astrée for life
  • lifetime permission to use the coat of arms of the Chevaliers de l’Astrée
  • sticker, bookmark, pencil, seeded paper, flexible backpack, all in an elegant folder and a document attesting to the acquisition of your plot in Scotland.
  • 1 medieval story in 10 digital episodes – 1 email per day, starting at the date of your choice: For 10 days, live the adventure of Germain at the time of the knights and discover the origin of some of the phrases of the French language. If your gift is for a child, a tale in 10 written episodes will make them dream.
  • right to participate in events (meetings, pick-ups) for 5 years,
  • right to visit the edible forest for 5 years.

And of course, by becoming a Knight, Chivalrous or Lady Knight with us, you participate in the creation and maintenance of the edible forest as a refuge for biodiversity.


Become Laird, Lord or Lady d’Alba and enjoy all the privileges and benefits of a courtesy title, including:

  • A plot of 1square foot (33 x 33 cm2) of the Dunans Castle estate
  • A deed of ownership, signed and waxed by the current Laird
  • A guided tour of the Park when you come to see your estate
  • The right to wear the Dunans Rising tartan
And of course, by becoming Laird, Lord or Lady with us, you participate in the restoration of Dunans Castle, its bridge and its park!
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