Missive Express


A last-minute gift

Our digital pack offers you the possibility to sponsor the life of the edible forest. Surprise your loved one with a French poem adapted to the occasion, his knight’s coat of arms and other surprises to download!

Pack content:

  • sponsorship of the entire edible forest for 1 year
  • possibility of being called Chevalier, Chevaleresse, Dame Chevalier de l'Astrée for life
  • lifetime permission to use the coat of arms of the Chevaliers de l'Astrée
  • 1 poem to choose from among the proposed themes (in French)
  • 1 medieval story in 10 episodes (in French) - 1 email per day, starting at the date of your choice
  • right to take part to organised events (meetings, pick-ups) for 1 year.
  • visitation rights to the edible forest for 1 year.

We need some information

Join the quest of the Chevaliers de l’Astrée.

Your participation supports the management of the nascent forest and new plantations. For example, the lavender plants: they delineate the guilds in the edible forest. Each guild is an area of companion plants that help each other. For more details, click here!

Much appreciated by our friends the pollinating insects, lavender flowers fill the air with their enchanting fragrance from June to September. This is the ideal time for your visit.

Available for download now

Say it with flowers… And with words. Baptism, Wedding, Holidays, Valentine’s Day, Birthday? Nicolas the Poet has put his pen at your service to celebrate this special occasion.
The coat of arms and the terms Chevalier, Chevaleresse and Dame Chevalier de l’Astrée will have the greatest effect on all the documents of your choice. They are the property of the recipient, for life.
Come and participate to an apple and walnut banquet ! Join us for the harvest at the orchard near Lake Eguzon in France. Subscribe to the newsletter to be informed of the events we organise.
For 10 days, experience Germain’s adventure in medieval times and discover the origin of some of the French language phrases. If your gift is for a child, a tale in 10 written episodes will make them dream.