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The roots of tomorrow

The tree is a symbol of life. It represents wisdom, strength, protection, evolution, renewal and redemption.
We offer two options:
Sponsoring a tree over 15 years – €175
Adopting a tree for life – €490

Our Noblesse pack offers you to sponsor a tree, and join the sponsors of an edible forest guild. Surprise the recipient with his knighthood and other surprises!

Pack content:

  • 1 sponsorship certificate over 15 years or for life with the location of the tree
  • 1 jar of artisan jam (250gr)
  • 1 bottle (25cl) of virgin coconut oil with its spray bottle
  • sticker, bookmark, plantable pen, seeded paper, soft backpack, all in a beautiful folder !
  • 1 surprise in the mailbox on the anniversary of your sponsorship/adoption for 3 years (i.e. 3 gifts!)
  • right to harvest 1/4 of your tree's production each year for 15 years/lifetime
  • right to participate in events (meetings, gatherings) for 15 years
  • right to visit the edible forest for 15 years/for life
  • possibility of being called Chevalier, Chevaleresse, Dame Chevalier de l'Astrée for life
  • lifetime permission to use the coat of arms of the Chevaliers de l'Astrée
  • 1 medieval story in 10 digital episodes - 1 email per day, starting at the date of your choice: For 10 days, live the adventure of Germain at the time of the knights and discover the origin of some of the phrases of the French language. If your gift is for a child, a tale in 10 written episodes will make them dream.
  • renewable sponsorship at preferential rates.

We need some information

Some more informations to receive medieval adventures (in French)

Join the quest of the Chevaliers de l’Astrée

Thanks to your participation, a tree will be planted in your name. We propose to put a plaque at its feet, with a text of your choice.

The tree plays a huge role in the edible forest:

  • It maintains the soils with its roots,
  • regulates water by limiting runoff,
  • retains moisture in the soil and brings it up, as well as some of the nutrients that benefit the surrounding plants,
  • protects against the wind and the sun, serves as a home for all wildlife (both underground and above),
  • quietly nourishes the soil by its rooting,
  • captures carbon from the air.

Besides, he’s feeding us!

With this pack, you can come and harvest a part of your tree’s production, once a year for 15 years if you sponsor it, once a year for life if you adopt it. You can also visit the edible forest whenever you wish and be called Chevalier, Dame Chevalier or Chevaleresse de l’Astrée. The coat of arms of the Chevaliers de l’Astrée is available for life.

The tree, eternal, represents a magnificent gift for a birth, a marriage, a page that turns, a gesture of love.
“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best moment is now” (Chinese Proverb)